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Only half of 2019 is left! Kavaliro has had a great Q2 and we celebrated our 9th Birthday. In our quarterly newsletter this time around we wanted to share a few tips and tricks as well as some Kavaliro news in case you missed anything over the past quarter.  

Dont Accept the Counter Offer

Don't Accept the Counter Offer

by Kati Watson, May 30, 2019

Let's paint a pretty picture: After some searching, you have been interviewing for jobs and finally get an offer for a brand new gig. When you put in your two weeks notice with your manager, they come back with a counteroffer to match what your new employer will give you. Suddenly, you have what feels like two job offers to pick from. At Kavaliro, we caution our candidates not to take counteroffers that their current employers offer.

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Power of working away


The Power of Working Away from your Desk

by Kati Watson, May 9, 2019

I am asked to be both creative and analytical in my role at Kavaliro. As a member of the marketing department, it is my job to pitch, create, build, monitor, and assess all of our marketing efforts. This week we were planning on writing about how companies should handle employees who leave and what steps they should take to build those ex-employees into brand ambassadors. I promise this blog is coming, just not this week.


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interview quetions

Help! What Do I ask in an Interview? Advice for hiring managers

by Kelly Babb, June 27, 2019

Interviewing sounds like a simple process in theory. A candidate and a hiring manager sit down to have a discussion about the candidate’s experience, the job they’re being considered for, and then they ask each other questions to fill in the details. This helps to see if it’s a good fit on both sides. Easy, right? But what are those questions that help illuminate everything in between? Over our next series of blogs we are going to try and help provide an answer to: "What do I ask in an interview?"

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