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Veterans Day: Our Way Of Thanking Those Who Serve

Veterans Day is a time to celebrate and honor the men and women who protect our country. Here at Kavaliro, one way we pay respects to their brave service is to bring light to an issue that veterans are experiencing when returning to the work...

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Social media hurting your job hunt

We are all aware of the benefits social media can have on our career. From Facebook, to Twitter, to LinkedIn, social media can be used to promote ourselves and advertise our expertise. However, social media can just as quickly hurt or even destroy...

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How to Nail your First Interview

So you just landed the big interview you have been waiting for, now what? This is your dream job, and you are the perfect candidate for this opportunity… but how can you convey that feeling to the person you will be interviewing with?

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How to Find a Job Right out of College

Being a recent graduate, I can understand the pressures of solidifying a job before college ends. The stress of post-grad life threatens you, especially when your parents say, “Congratulations! We love you! Here is your car payment, school loans,...

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Bill Peppler on unemployment in Orlando 2012

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Top 10 Skills Employers Are Looking For

1. Communications Skills (listening, verbal, written) Being a clear, concise and effective communicator is critical in the workplace. This skill is evaluated based upon your initial interaction with the hiring manager. Think of this as your...

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Tips on Writing an Effective Cover Letter

One of the most overlooked pieces of applying for a job is the effectiveness of a cover letter. Candidates spend most of their time beefing up their resumes, while putting cover letters on the backburner or throwing them out entirely. This is one of...

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How to Make a Premium First Impression

Whether you’re heading to a job fair or preparing for an interview, making a first impression is important if you want to land a great job. As the saying goes, "you only get one chance to make a first impression!" Here are my top tips for making...

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What to do before and after an interview with COO John Mahony

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Hand Written “Thank You” vs. E-mail “Thank You”

“Who gives out thank you notes anymore,” my friend once said to me. I realized how strongly this topic is debated as I finished writing my thank you notes to all of the employers who I had just interviewed with. “Just write an e-mail,” my friend...

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