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How to Nail your First Interview

So you just landed the big interview you have been waiting for, now what? This is your dream job, and you are the perfect candidate for this opportunity… but how can you convey that feeling to the person you will be interviewing with?

Businessman with arm out in a welcoming gesture over gray background.jpegLuckily for you this quick checklist will get you set up for success with a few quick tips to make you look, sound and feel your best on interview day. We know first interviews are stressfull, so make sure you prep! 

1) Company Research
Now that you have the interview time scheduled, time to hit the computer and get some research done on your future employer! Basic knowledge of a company you are interviewing with is expected of any applicant so you should be ready to answer questions like “Why do you want to work here” and “What do you know about this industry?” without hesitation. Be sure to research the industry the particular company is in and exactly what this company does. What do they sell? What service do they offer? What will your role be in helping them reach their goals? After some background research it is time to take it a bit further, look up the company in the news and see what everyone is talking about. It’s always a plus when you can strike up conversation about the company’s recent fundraiser or the big merger that just happened. There is no such thing as too much information when it comes to interview prep.

2) Dress for success
When debating what to wear for your interview, remember that this is the first time your future employee will be meeting with you. Be sure to choose a simple and appropriate outfit for the position you are interviewing for (want more tips click HERE). You want your look to be a confident one, but not distracting, so avoid loud colors and over the top suits. Go with a simple combination like a grey jacket and light blue shirt.

3) Learn about the job
You are being hired for a specific reason to fill a particular role the company has a need for. Before you interview, get some research done on the day-to-day tasks required of the position you are interviewing for. Be familiar with terminology you will be using and make sure you have a really good grasp of what is expected of you. After you know all of this, ask yourself how can my skills and abilities help this company with their particular need? Also, If you know friends or colleagues who may work for this company or have a similar job, be sure to ask them for a little insight on what it’s like to work for XYZ Company. Having solid knowledge of the opportunity being presented to you will go a long way in the interview process.

4) Practice, Practice, Practice
Unless you are Allen Iverson, getting some practice interviews under your belt before the real thing will make a big impact on you effectiveness during the interview. Rehearsing practice questions and scenarios will ensure that you are ready for anything and your answers will sound smooth and confident. Below is a list of common interview questions. Be sure to have a solid answer to each of these questions and you will roll through your interview with ease.

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Common questions.

1. So, tell me a little about yourself.
2. Why did you leave your last job?
3. Tell me what you know about this company.
4. Why do you want to work at X Company?
5. If your previous co-workers were here, what would they say about you?
6. Where else have you applied?
7. What motivates you to do a good job?
8. What's your greatest strength?
9. What's your biggest weakness?
10. What are you looking for salary wise?
11. Tell me a suggestion you have made that was implemented.
12. Has anything ever irritated you about people you've worked with?
13. Tell me about any issues you've had with a previous boss.
14. Why should I hire you?
15. Finally, do you have any questions to ask me?

5) Confidence
Your excellent resume landed you the interview and your skills speak for themselves, why does the employer need to meet with you in person before hiring you? 80% of employers will tell you that personality is the number one deciding factor when choosing candidates. You could be the most skilled applicant in the field but if you are not a fit on their team, they may pass you over and pick the person with adequate skills but a great personality. This is where confidence comes into play; you don’t have to be over the top, but a confident and friendly personality will start the interview off on the right foot and help keep conversations light and fun. Answer questions with an upbeat attitude and make positive statements throughout the interview. Make frequent eye contact, smile, be polite and most of all BE RELAXED. If you are confident in yourself and have a relaxed and upbeat attitude while interviewing, the job will be yours in no time!

- Mike Mercado, Resource Manager at Kavaliro

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