How to Find a Job Right out of College

Being a recent graduate, I can understand the pressures of solidifying a job before college ends. The stress of post-grad life threatens you, especially when your parents say, “Congratulations! We love you! Here is your car payment, school loans, telephone bill, rent, utilities, etc.” Even though you have worked your whole way through college and you have finally made it to the end, joining in the real world can be a scary thought. If you can find a job immediately after school ends, the threat of the real world doesn’t have to be so scary. Below are some things that you can do to make finding a job easier.

1. Network

Networking is something you will hear your parents, teachers, bosses and friends tell you to do. There is that common understanding that more people get jobs from WHO they know, not WHAT they know. Attend guest speaker presentations, take teachers out to lunch, and network as much as you can. It is all about building relationships. These relationships will help you to obtain a job in the future.

2. Career Fairs

College is all about prepping you for the future. Your college will be holding career day or career fairs throughout the year. Attend these early! Even sophomore year you can land an awesome internship from attending career fairs. If you aren’t looking for internships or jobs, then attend to NETWORK.

3. Internships

Try to do at least two internships before graduating college. This builds your credit and reputation in the working world. Who knows, maybe the company you intern for will want to hire you full time after!

4. Apply

Make sure you start the hunt early. Start exploring career goals/objectives early on toward sophomore year. This will give you the advantage of knowing who to network with. Do some research online and apply, apply, apply! Make sure you apply to jobs that you are a solid fit for. Internships, externships, shadowing, etc. will all help build your resume.

-Kaitlin O’Connell, Resource Manager at Kavaliro