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Kavaliro Career Corner: 10 IT Staffing Trends for 2017


By Tim HarringtonEach year recruiting and staffing evolves into its next iteration. Though staffing seems like a field that does not change all that often, Managing Director West, Tim Harrington of Kavaliro Petaluma has some IT staffing and...

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How to Deal with Contract Positions on Your Resume

So you are applying for a job that is not through word of mouth, and you need to present your resume to your future employer. You see a problem, though your resume does not show that you have worked anywhere longer than a year! You already know...

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Kavaliro’s former startup company, Fyre, sells to Peoplenet

Kavaliro is proud to announce the sale of former Kavaliro startup company Fyre to Atlanta-based company Peoplenet. The sale of Fyre is a validation of the core values that Kavaliro strives towards every day.

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How IT Staffing Companies are Reducing Unemployment

7.5 million Americans are currently out of work. The unemployment rate in America as of February of 2017 stood at 4.7% according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The question always is how do we generate more jobs and continue to reduce...

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5 Things to Think About When Picking IT Staffing Agencies

There are lots of staffing firms out there, so it can be tough to know what IT Staffing Agencies are right for your needs! So all of us at Kavaliro sat down and came up with our top five things that you need to think about before picking a firm... Read More

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Consultant of the Month: Yorleni Meza

Kavaliro would like to recognize Yorleni Mesa as the March Consultant of the Month! Yorleni is a Bilingual Customer Service Representative; she works in the communication industry in the Winter Park, FL area. She is responsible for conveying...

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Women in Technology

On Tuesday, a statue called “Fearless Girl” was installed directly across from the famous Wall Street bull. Installed by State Street Global Advisors, the installation of the statue was a call for more women to serve on corporate boards. The...

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Kavaliro Career Corner: How to Find Your Dream Job


By Kelly Babb

 As a preface, I need to announce: these steps are not easy. The steps are straightforward and simple, but they will likely not be easy to accomplish on the one day you decided to read this article. “Dream jobs” are not acquired...

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4 Reasons Why a Contract Position May Be Right For You

Not everyone is cut out to be a contractor, only having a job for a temporary period and no long term job security can cause some serious anxiety. However, there are several pros to contract positions; here are our top 4 reasons to consider...

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3 Reasons You Should Trust IT Staffing Agencies

There is no way around it Staffing Agencies exist and will continue to, as long as companies are hiring. If you are a mid-level Android Developer, there is a 99% chance someone has called from a tech staffing agency asking if you were looking for...

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