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Kavaliro Staffing Firm Invites You to Join us for an Open House

Kavaliro, an award-winning, national staffing firm, and services company, announces the opening of its newly remodeled Orlando Headquarters. Driven by the desire to be better able to serve its client base, the company has renovated their home... Read More

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Kavaliro Staffing Firm Invites You to Join us for an Open House in Virginia


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Consultant of the Month: Kim Holby

Kavaliro would like to recognize Kim Holby as the April Consultant of the Month! Kim is a Quality Analyst for a Support Center in Orlando, Florida area. She is responsible for reviewing and ensuring that the software she works on is functioning...

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Kavaliro Q1 Newsletter

Kavaliro Career Corner

We are proud to have launched the Kavaliro Career Corner. Our recruiters and staff are always coming up with brilliant ideas and sharing their knowledge with others. We thought it was time to amplify their voices. The...

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Kavaliro Tech Staffing Agency is Growing, Join Our Team

We are proud to announce that we have created a new position here at Kavaliro, Corporate Recruiter. We are excited to announce that our new Corporate Recruiter role has gone to the talented and passionate Kelly Babb (Check out Kelly’s recent ...

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IT Staffing Companies Make it Easier to Get a Big Kid Job

Technology is changing fast, and businesses are always working to keep up with the latest and greatest. IT staffing companies are no different when it comes to pushing the boundaries of technology. Many companies are now innovating by creating a...

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Kavaliro Career Corner: 10 IT Staffing Trends for 2017


By Tim HarringtonEach year recruiting and staffing evolves into its next iteration. Though staffing seems like a field that does not change all that often, Managing Director West, Tim Harrington of Kavaliro Petaluma has some IT staffing and...

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How to Deal with Contract Positions on Your Resume

So you are applying for a job that is not through word of mouth, and you need to present your resume to your future employer. You see a problem, though your resume does not show that you have worked anywhere longer than a year! You already know...

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Kavaliro’s former startup company, Fyre, sells to Peoplenet

Kavaliro is proud to announce the sale of former Kavaliro startup company Fyre to Atlanta-based company Peoplenet. The sale of Fyre is a validation of the core values that Kavaliro strives towards every day.

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How IT Staffing Companies are Reducing Unemployment

7.5 million Americans are currently out of work. The unemployment rate in America as of February of 2017 stood at 4.7% according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The question always is how do we generate more jobs and continue to reduce...

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