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Should I Put My Picture On My Resume?

Once upon a time, I was a dancer! I had a dream of being on Broadway, dancing in the Macy's day parade and working with super famous people. Well, life happens (and foot surgery) and dreams change. Why am I telling you about my crushed dreams...

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How to Deal with Contract Positions on Your Resume

So you are applying for a job that is not through word of mouth, and you need to present your resume to your future employer. You see a problem, though your resume does not show that you have worked anywhere longer than a year! You already know...

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Kavaliro Career Corner: How to Find Your Dream Job


By Kelly Babb

 As a preface, I need to announce: these steps are not easy. The steps are straightforward and simple, but they will likely not be easy to accomplish on the one day you decided to read this article. “Dream jobs” are not acquired...

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What Should Recent College Grads Include on Their Resume?

Congratulations, graduate! You made it. Now it’s time to start the somewhat stressful journey of job hunting. Start off on the right foot by including all of the following information to build the perfect post college resume.

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How Your Resume is Making You Look Unreliable

Crafting the perfect resume isn’t always easy. Job seekers often include information that gives hiring managers the wrong impression. Be sure your resume isn’t making you look unreliable with these tips from Kavaliro’s Resource Manager, Noelle...

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From Trash to Treasure: How to Get Recruiters to Read Your Resume

Have you ever watched ABC’s reality show, The Bachelor? Thousands of women submit auditions just for a chance to get on this popular show. Then, producers scrutinize videos to find 25 flawless female suitors. Just as producers cast for very...

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Resume for Success

By: Kyle Israel Constructing a great resume may be one of the most important pieces of the puzzle in finding a new job. At a minimum, I look at over 50 resumes on a daily basis. On most occasions, if I reach out to a candidate, it’s because they...

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