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Kavaliro Career Corner: How to Find Your Dream Job


Career Corner Art 3.0.jpgBy Kelly Babb

 Kelly Babb.jpgAs a preface, I need to announce: these steps are not easy. The steps are straightforward and simple, but they will likely not be easy to accomplish on the one day you decided to read this article. “Dream jobs” are not acquired overnight but they are still acquirable so let’s get started.

Step One

Is your resume available?

Interchange the word “resume” for CV, portfolio, LinkedIn profile or whatever it is your dream job requires you to show to get through the front door. Whatever it is they want to see, is it ready? Is it updated? Do you have a copy that is easy to pass along if you happen to share an elevator with the right person? If yes, move to Step Two; if not, get started on whatever prerequisites you need to achieve your goal. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and you will likely constantly be tweaking and updating this living document. Don’t get in your own way by waiting for it to be perfect.

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Step Two

Is your resume ready?

In other words, are you qualified for your dream job? It’s one thing to want it; it’s another thing to be qualified. The top reason a recruiter and hiring manager will pass over a candidate is because they are not yet qualified. Ask yourself- what can I do to make myself a better fit for the job I want? Becoming a better fit for your dream job means finding out what is required, making decisions to collect the right education and experience, and being realistic about the time it might take to become qualified. It can take years to be completely qualified for your dream career, but making conscious choices every day to move in the direction of that position will consistently and systematically elevate your qualifications and aptitude. Dream jobs are not earned overnight, but it’s up to you to make yourself ready.

Step Three
How are you going to be noticed?

Your resume is updated, and you are qualified; it’s time to put yourself out there. If you are aggressively and openly seeking a new job, posting your resume on job boards such as Monster and CareerBuilder will give you access to a wide variety of jobs and recruiters. If you are more passively looking or don’t necessarily want your current employer to be alarmed, update your profile on career-focused sites like LinkedIn and join groups within the industry of your dream. Still a few years away from being ready? Add to your education and experience by networking with people who can help prepare you. Before Kobe Bryant even retired from basketball, he famously started cold calling titans of business like Oprah and Bill Gates to pick their brains on advice for what to do next. Again, making conscious choices to become a better candidate will generate rewards on many levels.

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