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Why Your Boss Never Says Thank You

We all need appreciation in the workplace, butLouis Douglas.jpg we can’t rely on always getting it from superiors. Below are a few tips and reminders to feel appreciated at work if your boss never says thank you. Be sure to check out Louis Douglas on FOX 35 Good Day Orlando for more great advice!

Time is of the essence

  • There’s probably a lot going on during a day in the life of your supervisor that isn’t noticed by the rest of the team. Remember that not receiving a “thank you” immediately after finishing a task isn’t personal.

Start appreciating yourself

  • When you want lots of appreciation and recognition from others, it’s usually because you’re not recognizing your own worth as much as you should. You’re not telling yourself, “I did a great job,” or “wow, I’ve out done myself this time!” Remember that it’s okay to give yourself some credit, too!

Share the credit

  • You don’t want to deny your contribution, but you don’t want to hog the limelight either. If your success was truly a team effort, share the kudos with you team. Add a simple comment like, “working with Joe on that project was great!” If you find yourself working with millennials and need help getting them motivated, our blog #SquadGoals: Motivating Your Millennial Sales Team may be able to help.

Don’t expect appreciation

  • As your confidence builds and you know you’re good at what you do, you’ll realize that people show their appreciation in different ways! Also, remember that if your manager or boss doesn’t complain about your job, everything was okay.

So, start appreciating yourself today! Try writing down what you achieved each day and celebrate your own personal victories! Need more boss adivse? Check out Ways to Build and Maintain Trust With Your Boss for 7 tips you need to know. 


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