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Kavaliro Named in Orlando Sentinel Top 100 Companies List 2018

Kavaliro was recently selected as one of the 2018 Orlando Sentinel Top 100 Companies. The list of “Top 100 Companies” was created by the Orlando Sentinel and Best Companies Group. This award program is designed to recognize, and honor the best...

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A 9-Year-Old Did My Job for Two Days

I spent two days teaching a 9-year-old how to do my job. Let me first say, Kavaliro is not a babysitting service, but we do understand that life happens and sometimes you have to bring your kids to work. With that said, I volunteered to hang out...

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4 Things our Team Learned on Summer Vacation

Remember the good old days of summer vacation? No school, lots of time by the pool, staying up late and playing outside? Ahh, to be young again. Now we are all grown up and would love to have a three-month break where we get to chill out all the...

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Employee Spotlight: Miguel Boland

Kavaliro recently opened a new branch in Atlanta, GA with Miguel Boland at the helm. We could not be happier with Miguel so this month we wanted to recognize his incredible work so far as Regional Director. He has been a rock star since he...

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Consultant of the Month: Kamlesh Vaswani

Kavaliro is proud to announce that Kamlesh Vaswani is our July Consultant of the Month! Kamlesh is an IT Technician for an Orlando, FL construction equipment company and has been working with Kavaliro for over a year now.

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10 Common Interview Mistakes You Can Avoid

No one is perfect, and that is more than fine; heck some people even say our flaws are what make us human. Now with that said there are a few flaws that you have to avoid when applying for a job. Kavaliro has compiled our list of top 10 interview...

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Q2 Update: Whats New at Kavaliro!

Another quarter down and we are half way through the year. As we move into Q3, Kavaliro has some big things planned. Take a look back at Q2 with us, as we talk about how to hire better employees, tips for your resume, and the opening of our...

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3 Kinds of Employee Rewards

Your employees are responsible for making your company a success! Celebrating their achievements and thanking them for their dedication can go a long way towards creating loyalty and reducing turn over. We thought we would break down the three...

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Team Building


Bullhorn Engage 2018

Here at Kavaliro, we offer tuition reimbursement for our team, annual sales training, and the opportunity to attend conferences. Continuing education is important to us as a company focused on growth.

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Why We're Watching the World Cup at Work

Sports are a unifier of people, culture, and offices. At Kavaliro we routinely go to sporting events as a team, we have season tickets to our local favorites, and have the occasional wear you team jersey’s days.

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Team Building

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