Consultant of the Month: Afolabi Arawole

Consultant of the Month: Afolabi Arawole

Today, we proudly recognize Afolabi Arawole as our June Consultant of the Month! 🎉


Kavaliro takes pride in acknowledging our exceptional consultants. We are ecstatic to present our Consultant of the Month, Afolabi Arawole, an outstanding Deployment Technician known for his extraordinary problem-solving skills and a knack for working smoothly with diverse teams.

Originally from Nigeria, Afolabi moved to the USA in 1977. He is a lover of various indoor games such as table tennis and volleyball, and a connoisseur of different cuisines emphasizing his rich multifaceted personality.

As a young boy, Afolabi showcased his mechanical talents by breaking toys and reassembling them, a hobby that surprisingly paved the way to a career in IT! Despite this switch, he has never shied away from challenges and believes in pushing his limits.

What makes Afolabi particularly proud is the efficiency with which he completes projects. The pride he takes in his work reflects the high standards he sets for himself, which is very admirable.

Afolabi's journey towards his current role was driven by curiosity about computers, leading him to obtain his A+ and MCP certifications. The satisfaction derived from securing people and organizations from data breaches and identity theft has been the perfect intersection of his interests and professional path.

Presently, Afolabi is enhancing his skills as a cybersecurity assessor - a testament to his dedication to continuous learning and development.

Afolabi's perseverance, commitment to excellence, and his passion for overcoming IT challenges truly embody the core values of our organization. We are incredibly thrilled to have Afolabi as part of our team and acknowledge his remarkable work.

Once again, huge congratulations to Afolabi Arawole on being named Kavaliro's Consultant of the Month for June!

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