Working From Home

As the focus on having a healthy work-life balance becomes stronger in society, recent news of Yahoo!’s change of its work-at-home policy has caused quite a discussion among employers. These policies vary from company to company but this recent shift in thinking could change the future landscape for years to come.

Approaching these policies from an employer standpoint can be tricky, but are often selected on a case-by-case basis or have a positional qualification. The overall balance between having a laid-back yet productive work environment is something most company’s look to strive for. Kavaliro encourages and promotes admin and finance employees to work-at-home when needed. Having flexible work options is sometimes a key offering for many job seekers.

Optional work-at-home days can be reasoned with higher employee morale and an overall increase in the quality of work. But with this at hand, it’s very possible that Yahoo!’s move could have been the result of employee’s abusing the policy. As companies are sure to review their own employee’s work policy in upcoming weeks, it certainly raises an interesting conversation in the job world.

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