Why I Love Working At Kavaliro

Why I Love Working At Kavaliro

I have been with Kavaliro now for over two years, and in that time I have faced many frustrating things both personal and work-related. It took a colossal meltdown for me to understand just how amazing Kavaliro is as a company.

My Kavaliro Team at a team outing!

Prior to Kavaliro, I have worked at lots of places with lots of good people but never at a company like Kavaliro. Not only do they work hard to treat their employees right but they put family first as often as possible. So, here is why I love working for Kavaliro and don't plan to leave any time soon.

1. They Listen

I can at any moment walk into an executives office and talk to them about anything. I have had lots of meaningful conversations with our CEO about life and how she manages to keep things together. I have been able to talk about the companies goals and how I fit into them with our COO. Easy communication is a kind of leisure that I have not always been afforded at work. Since I have been at Kavaliro, we have grown our team by quite a bit, but the executives continue to treat their team as actual people and remain steadfast in their open door policy.

2. They Talk

Have you ever wondered how your company was doing financially? I never do. Kavaliro talks about the health of the company, where things stand, and where we can improve all the time. No matter if you are an intern, a vice president or just a temp worker helping with a project the company is always transparent. Again this is not something that I have seen at other places where I worked. It was often a secret as to where things stood.

3. They Accommodate

Remember how I said the company listens, well they also accommodate. I called my direct boss at 10:30 pm on a Wednesday balling because of the death of a friend of mine that shattered me. I asked if I could work from home the next day because I knew that if I went into the office and had to interact with other humans, I would be sobbing all over my desk. My boss told me I needed to take the day off to recover (I didn't because I am stubborn). The leadership at Kavaliro has always acted in the most accommodating of ways. Another example, of this constant willingness to put family before the business, comes from an office friend of mine. Her husband had an emergency, and she needed to leave, but the executive team was in a meeting. She decided to go and interrupt an executive level meeting. They told her to go ahead and leave and take care of the things that she needed to, no questions asked.

I know Kavaliro is one of the best places I have ever worked because of the way they treat their team members. They know that if they treat their team with respect if they listen, are transparent, and put family first, they will end up with a group of people who are fiercely loyal to them. A team who puts work first and gives it their all.

I recently read a great article on LinkedIn (you can find it here) about how millennials are leaving their jobs because leadership fails at seeing their team as people. I am here to tell you that Kavaliro is not one of those companies. When individuals do leave Kavaliro they have nothing but kind words about the company and its team members.

Now for a shameless plug. Kavaliro is hiring like crazy right now! We are building up a new team of Business Development Representatives who are going to become an integral part of your growing company! If you want to join the team, take a look at our BDR positions and apply, I promise you will love working here!

Kati WatsonKati Watson

Marketing Manager