What Can We Learn From The Trapped Miners Incident?

What Can We Learn From The Trapped Miners Incident?

Rescued Chilean Miners 2010By Guest Blogger: William Peppler

By now everyone knows the story about the rescue of the 33 miners that were trapped in a mine for 69 days.

First and foremost the miners knew for them to survive they must develop a viable plan of action. To do so, they organized a formal survival plan that included: a management plan, designation of responsibilities, and establishing a food distribution plan with the two days of food supplies that were available. The miners quickly realized that discipline and a desire to live were the necessary ingredients for their survival.

The miners kept fit by doing exercises and relying on their company officials and the country leaders of Chile to rescue them from their collapsed mine 2,200 feet underground.

Initially it was estimated that the rescue effort would take until the 2010 Christmas season. However, a world wide effort occurred and a United States company provided the necessary equipment and expertise for the rescue to occur much earlier than expected. (Go here to read more about the entire incident and rescue).

For any business to survive they must have a defined plan of action, a competent staff and an effective management team.

Goals and objectives must be established, and a system of accountability and responsibility implemented.

Reportedly the miners retained confidence with the rescue efforts, however time will tell if that information is true and correct.

Nevertheless, business employees must have faith in their product and in their management team. If there is not a unified effort the achievement of success will be difficult or not attainable at all.

Today we all celebrate the rescue of the trapped miners and hopefully a similar event will never occur, but a very important lesson was learned from this unfortunate occurrence:

When people work together and the goal of success is retained - a positive outcome will be achieved.