Top Paying Job Without a College Degree

Kavaliro works to fill thousands of jobs per year, some require high level degrees and some don't. Below we've taken a look at a few jobs and what those who choose the career path should expect.

Initially, higher salary roles that don't require a degree lack potential career growth, meaning there isn't a lot of mobility for a salary increase over the entire career. Often times you'll hit a salary ceiling if you're in the position without a degree. If you want to start advancing into management and executive roles, bachelors and MBAs are required. Usually candidates without those credentials are overlooked or not considered when the time comes.

Top jobs without a degree:

-Distribution Manager

-First Line Supervisors in Law Enforcement

-Nuclear Power Reactor Operators

Ability to grow within these roles through promotions tend to be slim. For Nuclear Power Reactor Operators specifically, the outlook for long-term potential is limited. College graduates are not graduating with Nuclear Science degrees because it is an older technology and there are not new nuclear power plants opening.

Roles that don’t require a 4 year degree:

-Computer Network Technician

The role of a Computer Network Technician doesn't require a 4 year degree, but an Associate's degree and multiple certifications will give you the ability to grow within your career. Computer Network Technicians are becoming more important as new technologies are implemented in every day life and throughout businesses.

-Web Developer

Developers with a true passion for development have taught themselves new technologies and build off of current platforms they already use outside of work. Typically, an Associate’s Degree or additional certifications are required for this type of position, but a portfolio is also very helpful. Salaries in this field range from 75 - 85K and $100K+ for Development Managers without higher level degrees and the need for this skill has been on a great growth path.

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