The 12 Days of Job Hunting

The 12 Days of Job Hunting

Don’t let the Holiday Season influence you to put your job search on hold! Instead you should use this time to get a head start on landing a job for the New Year! Many businesses know what jobs/needs they will have open for Quarter 1 of the New Year, and now is the time to get your foot in the door. Take this time to prepare yourself for any opportunities that will be available in the upcoming weeks by following this 12-day guide!

On the first day of job searching, find the right career for you! Taking a career aptitude test is a great start, try this one.

On the second day of job searching, update (or rewrite) your resume! Check out our guide to writing a winning resume.

On the third day of job searching, recognize the important role of social networking in job searching and join/tailor your personal profiles! It is estimated that around 50% of employers search potential applicants on social sites, so be seen (in the right light) today! Here are some thoughts by two of our recruiters to get you started: John Putoff and Matt Rowles.

On the fourth day of job searching, search Kavaliro’s open job database to find the right job for you! You can even apply directly from the portal and create a profile with your resume so our recruiters can help you find a great fit!

On the fifth day of job searching, contact a Kavaliro recruiter to start applying for jobs!

On the sixth day of job searching, work on improving the 10 most desired soft skills.

On the seventh day of job searching, give yourself a mini work makeover! Make sure that you are dressed for success with this guide and tips from recruiter Angel Diaz!

On the eighth day of job searching, work on your listening skills! Having good listening skills not only helps you to ace your interview, but is a quality that makes you a valuable employee! Here are some quick tips on how to improve your listening skills.

On the ninth day of job searching, research the companies you have applied to. One of the best ways to prepare for your interview (and later, potential employment), researching potential employers/companies presents you as an empowered and dedicated applicant/employee. Taking some time to go that extra step can pay off in the long run, even by way of being able to strike up a conversation during your interview about a current company project, etc. that can speak to your skills if they bring you on board!

On the tenth day of job searching, practice running through possible interview questions! Try to be prepared for any questions you may be asked. Here’s 100 example interview questions to help you along.

On the eleventh day of job searching, learn to ask great questions! Don’t think that you should only be answering questions in an interview – an interview is also the time for you to gain more insight into the company and position you are applying for so you can determine if it feels like a good fit for you. Opportunities for advancement, management/decision-making styles, internal politics/company history & direction (a good time to bring up key points from your research), the types of projects you would be working on, and backgrounds of clients you may be working with are all great examples of the types of questions you should ask.

On the twelfth day of job searching, send Thank You notes or emails to your interviewers. Thank them for their time and express your excitement about the position and any important take-aways you had from the interview.

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