Employee Spotlight: Taylor Locati

Employee Spotlight: Taylor Locati

We are proud to recognize Taylor Locati as our May Employee of the Month!

1664061853930Taylor Locati is one of our wonderful Petaluma-based Resource Managers on Kavaliro's Mountain West team. We welcome Taylor to Kavaliro in December 2021, alongside other new Resource Managers who quickly became known as the "Kavaliro Killas". 

As a Resource Manager, Taylor loves working with local talent and making the local connection. Taylor is known for being compassionate, reliable, and efficient. Her growth has been and will continue to be recognized across the organization, as she has made great strides in her one-and-a-half years at Kavaliro.

White Collage Flower Shop Instagram Post"It has been amazing to see the professional growth that I have over the past year and a half with Taylor. Taylor truly exemplifies dedication and hard work paying off. She is not only consistent in her recruiting activity, but she strives to make the days of her colleagues just a bit better. Taylor is first to congratulate and give praise to her colleagues, not only here in Petaluma and in the Mountain West team, but company-wide. Taylor cares deeply for our team and I am proud to see her continued success here in Petaluma!", says Senior Regional Director of Recruiting, Kristina Sciortino.

In her spare time, Taylor enjoys getting a good adrenaline kick by trying her hardest to stay alive in Call of Duties: Zombies. She's also a coffee connoisseur and loves spending time with her family and daughter, whom she is incredibly proud of. Taylor says, "She is my rock. She is the silliest, sweetest, smartest girl and she is the absolute BEST." Taylor also enjoys participating in volunteer projects at Redwood Empire Food Bank, where she, and the other Petaluma employees, assist in packing over 2000+ meals to help feed people in the local area. 

Taylor, congrats on being chosen as Kavaliro's May spotlight! We are SO proud of how far you've come in your career at Kavaliro, and we cannot wait to see what else is in store for you. Keep being great!