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Secrets to Writing an Awesome Cover Letter

While some people believe the cover letter is dead, we believe it can truly make or break your job-search process. It has the ability to showcase your abilities, but on the other hand, it can also make you appear as another “every day” applicant sending the same cover letter to multiple companies. Be sure to take the time to create a cover letter that sticks out. It will create all the difference!

Don’t Repeat

Your cover letter should not be a repetition of your resume. The employer already has all of that information in an easy to read format, so why simply reiterate the same material in paragraph-form? Instead, use your cover letter to let your personality shine through. Show the company why you are interested in working for them and prove you’ve done your research by telling them why their company stands out to you. Take the time to use your cover letter to show expertise and interest.

Keep it Short

There is no need to create a cover letter that is longer than one page. Chances are, the recruiter or employer reading it does not have time to read more than three paragraphs. Skip the lengthy exposition and jump right into what makes you a one-of-a-kind applicant.

Address the Correct Person or Nobody at All

Get rid of the generic “Dear Hiring Manager” or “To Whom It May Concern”. Do the research on who you believe would be receiving the cover letter. If you have absolutely no clue who you should be addressing, then do not address anyone. Instead, get right into the body of the letter.


The design of a cover letter is no time to get fancy, unless you’re applying for a creative career. Go back to the basics with this one. Use an easy to read font and a simple format. If you decide to use any colors, be sure to keep it aesthetically pleasing.  The person reading your cover letter will appreciate it more than you think.

Use Language from the Job Description

Always look back to the job description and use language from it. This shows that you did your research on the job and proves you care about what they are looking for. Illustrate your relevance for the position by talking up the strengths they ask for. This not only helps the person reading your cover letter know that you’re a good applicant; it can also set you a part from the crowd if the employer is using an applicant tracking system.

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