Salesforce Release Notes - Important Highlights

Salesforce Release Notes - Important Highlights

Didn’t read all of the Salesforce Release notes? Want to make sure nothing will break your Salesforce environment? To save you the trouble of reading it all, we’ve broken down the changes coming to Spring ’21.

Make a Smooth Switch to the Large-Scale Amendment and Renewal Service (Difficulty: Admin)

You can now move from the Legacy Amendment/Renewal Service to the Large-Scale Amendment and Renewal Service if you were previously having trouble doing so.


If this switch applies to you, make sure you understand the differences between the large-scale and the legacy services before pulling the trigger:

The biggest differences:

  • MDQ will populate list price differently between the two services on Renewal
  • Price Book ID field will move from 18 characters (and case insensitive) to 15 characters (and case sensitive)
  • Asset-based renewals ARE NOT SUPPORTED in the Large-Scale Amendment/Renewal Service
    • Have no fear…you can still do them, they will just run on and behave according to the legacy service

Continue Working While You Amend Contracts (Difficulty: Admin)

New package-level setting under “Subscriptions and Renewals Package Settings” called “Background Processing of Contract Amendments”. This will only work on the Large-Scale Amendment and Renewal service and will allow users to continue working (where they previously weren’t able to) while waiting for the contract amendment process to finish.

This is a minor feature with only an upside but will be most beneficial to clients whose contracts/quote lines are greater than 100 lines.

Configurator Evaluation Event Field Added to the Price Rules Page Layout (Difficulty: Admin)

UI/Experience update for admins. A field that was previously not on the Price Rule page layout will not be there by default. This will save admins a few clicks when setting up the package.

Contract Larger Orders in Less Time (Difficulty: Admin)

Previously, most clients were able to (without customization to break-up the operation) contract ~400 quote lines based on configuration (ie…bundle structure/configuration attributes/etc.). With this change, you should be able to contract roughly twice the previous volume. This will benefit clients with customization to assist with large quoting and architects who previously had to design within this constraint.

New Permissions for Creating Orders (Difficulty: Admin)

To create orders from quotes or opportunities (via the Ordered Checkbox on the respective object), the user that triggers the operation or manually marks the checkbox will require the following permissions:

Read Access:

  • Quotes (SBQQ__Quote__c)
  • Opportunities
  • Orders
  • Order Products

Create and Edit Access:

  • Orders
  • Order Products

Delete Access:

  • Order Products

Advanced Approvals API (Difficult: Developer)

Advanced Approvals API is now exposed from the Advanced Approvals package. To enable this, make sure the “Disable API” checkbox is unchecked (it is unchecked by default) within the “Approval Settings” Custom Setting.

Powerful for 2 Reasons:

  • This will allow approval managers to approve or reject requests in outside platforms without accessing Salesforce
    • You can still use e-mail keywords to approve without accessing Salesforce, but this gives you more capabilities
  • This also allows you to customize the Approval experience within Salesforce
    • Implementing validations before a quote is submitted for approval (that provide a friendly error message instead of a broken process)
    • Customizing the internal experience using flows
      • Discount Reasons within a flow sequence
      • “thank you” screen post approval submission process

New Fields for Salesforce CPQ:

Only Applies to Salesforce CPQ for Service Cloud

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 1.49.14 PM

- Bryce Baker, Principal Consultant at Kavaliro