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Having the skills to create a resume that will set you apart from all the cookie cutter applicants is what will help you land the job. A resume that stands out is the best way to make a lasting first impression on the person you are looking to be hired by. Here are a few crucial steps that many people tend to look over when putting together a resume.

Know your audience

Always remember to write for the job you want, rather than listing all the jobs you’ve already had. One size does not fit all when it comes to resumes. Many people get so caught up on mentioning each occupation and accomplishment they’ve had, that they end up with a cluttered page filled with unnecessary information.  Be sure to have a baseline resume and use it as a template for creating ones geared towards certain positions. Use only relevant information pertaining to the position you are currently seeking.

Past success indicates future success

Chances are, if you did something at your former companies, you can effectively repeat that task at another. Recognize how you added value to your previous position and reflect on those points in your resume. What can you do for this employer that others cannot?

Identify what sets you apart while being complete and concise.

Demonstrate rather than stating

Ideally, you need to spend the majority of your resume describing what you did at your previous jobs and the rest of the time supporting the information. Think of it as explaining what you completed then writing, “Which resulted in”.  For example, you can start out with simply clarifying how you did it followed by what relationships resulted in the process. By doing this you are adding credibility to your resume.

Quality over quantity

Remember, you are setting the tone for your future employer.  Always be short and sweet because studies show on average, employers only takes about 15 seconds to look over resumes before making their final decision. This means your first impression is the most important part, so you have to make it count. Their time is very valuable so be sure to clearly state what position you are applying for and not to use any fluff.

Use people not technology

Don’t rely on devices to help convey your voice. The greatest resource to use in your resume arsenal is actual people; ask one or two individuals to look over your resume before submitting it. Use only words that help describe you as a person and not just what sounds grammatically crafty. Remember that the best spell check is a real person.

So be sure to take advantage of all the easily accessible tools and remember to always let your personality shine through.

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