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Q2 Update: Whats New at Kavaliro!

Another quarter down and we are half way through the year. As we move into Q3, Kavaliro has some big things planned. Take a look back at Q2 with us, as we talk about how to hire better employees, tips for your resume, and the opening of our newest office. 

Like always, we are here to share some of our tips, tricks, adventures, and other successes with you. Don't forget to let us know what you think. We always want to hear from you!

Zack Wallace

Zach Wallace: Career Fair to Full Time Job in a Year

Zach Wallace was a college kid who showed up to a Kavaliro booth at a career fair. See his story and find out how he became a full-time team member.

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Better interviews equal better employees

Tips & Tricks

Are you waisting money on the wrong hire? 

On average companies spend $4,129 to hire one new team member. Don't waste your resources hiring the wrong team members. 

Blog: Best Phone Screening Questions To Ask An Applicant

Ebook: Better Interviews Equal Better Employees


Kavaliro is Looking for You

We are hiring internally! Our big focus this quarter is entry level recruiters

We have also created a mobil app, so now you can apply for jobs on the go.

Kavaliro Jobs

New Jobs Here


Top Stories from Q2

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