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Orlando: A City on the Path to Recovery

By: Rob Reading
We are half-way through 2010 and several questions are still at the forefront of everyone’s minds. “What are you seeing on the employment front? What is on the horizon? What can I do differently to land the next opportunity?” There is no doubt that Central Florida has had a difficult journey. At one time, Orlando was one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. and had one of the lowest unemployment rates as well. The past couple of years, however, have taken their toll on some of the biggest industries that propelled Orlando (Hospitality/Tourism, Construction and Real Estate). Now, the industries that drove Orlando’s job market are among the biggest hit.

What Now?

It seems Orlando is coming back and new life has sprung up to help put us back on track. The recent buzz has been over the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, which has led the charge for a boost in the Hospitality industry. There is also the Medical City in Lake Nona, which will expand Orlando onto a new medical frontier. Then, we have the Sun Rail and High Speed Rail projects that will connect all of Central Florida via high speed transportation. Last, but not least, we have the new Amway Center at the heart of Downtown Orlando. This new center, scheduled to open this fall, will bring new shows and attractions to our city. These are just a few examples among the many projects currently underway. All of which, will not only inject life back into those top 3 industries, but will also add thousands of much needed jobs.

What’s happening in the immediate future?

More recently, we have seen an uptick in Technology oriented jobs, HR jobs and hiring within the Executive level. This is great news because many other positions will soon follow once these key positions are filled. Positions such as Clerical and Finance/Accounting have started to surface as well. But, they are projected to gain more momentum towards the end of the year heading into the 2011 Tax Season.

What can you do to be prepared?

Here are some quick tips to help you stand out. In order to capitalize on these opportunities, candidates need to stay agile and gather information from several sources. Websites like CareerBuilder and Indeed, are great to look at for the latest in job postings. You can build auto-searches that will email you daily on the latest positions. Candidates also need to get out to the several networking events and groups offered here in Orlando. There are several to choose from and one for almost every industry.

Once you establish your routine for researching that next great opportunity, you have to stay committed to that process by keeping your activity high. Wavering from this activity may cause you to miss out on landing your next position. It may not happen overnight but rest assured that activity does pay off. Once you land the interview, remember to be authentic. Do not exaggerate on your resume or stretch the truth. Finally, make an effort to empower yourself and utilize all of your resources at hand. If you are not on LinkedIn or social networking in general, you are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to connect with employers and people in your field. Not to mention the researching capability there as well. If your resume is stagnant on the job boards, chances are it’s not being viewed. There are 2 popular ways employers search on the job boards: by relevancy and by modified date. Make sure you have proper key words that are relevant to the position you are aiming for. Also, update your profile at least once a week. This will help ensure your resume stays at the top of the search every time.

Looking to the Future

Things are definitely happening out there, and although we are not yet back to the hiring blitz of 2005-2007, we are on the way back. If, at any time, you have questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us here at Kavaliro. We are always looking to help and look forward for great things to come!

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