Employee Spotlight: Mandy Serda

Employee Spotlight: Mandy Serda

We are proud to recognize Mandy Serda as our August Employee of the Month!

WC-517We're thrilled to cast our Employee Spotlight on a remarkable individual who truly embodies the spirit of dedication and achievement - Mandy Serda. Hailing from our Jacksonville office, Mandy's journey with us began in June 2022 as an intern. Today, she is a vital asset on our Operations and Onboarding teams, contributing her skills and passion as an HR Coordinator. 

In her role, she is diligent, reliable, and upbeat. "Mandy is the epitome of our Kavaliro "Special". Since she started with us as an intern last year, I have heard nothing but amazing things about her and her work. Though she mainly supports Mid-South, she has received many kudos from our other branches as well. Mandy goes above and beyond in anything she does and Kavaliro (especially the Onboarding Team) is lucky to have her!", says April Briggs, HR Onboarding Manager. 

Originally from the charming Fleming Island, Florida, Mandy's academic journey is as impressive as her professional one. She recently adorned her cap and gown to receive her Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from the University of North Florida, with a minor in Human Resources. The cherry on top? She achieved this milestone two years ahead of schedule, at the age of 20. Earlier this year, Mandy found her way back on the campus, as she visited her old Human Resource Management class and shared her insights on recruiting while providing advice on how to prepare for the college-to-workforce transition.

334134651_195158419782041_4386410314570395097_n-1While Mandy's weekdays are filled with HR strategies and teamwork, her weekends are a canvas for adventure. An avid co-ed flag football player, she embraces the thrill of the game and the camaraderie of her friends on the field. Beyond this, Mandy dedicates time to her fitness journey, sculpting both body and mind. Her beloved 15-year-old dog, Coco, shares these moments of joy and companionship with her. She also has a soft spot for our feline friends.

As we illuminate Mandy's journey and achievements this August, let's celebrate her tenacity, her warmth, and her pursuit of excellence. Mandy, your commitment to growth and your vibrant spirit inspire us all. Here's to your future endeavors and the continued light you bring to our team.