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Lesson From Our Guest Speakers

Mental Health Awareness month is in full swing and here at Kavaliro we have our amazing Friday Guest speakers to give us a jolt of inspirational energy. We’ve had the pleasure of having the amazing Inky Johnson, Jon Gordon, Brendan McDonough, and Donnie Jones speak to our team during our Friday team calls. These fighters and warriors are honorary Kavaliro (Knights) that we feel are part of our family. We wanted to share with you some of the lessons that we have learned so far from hosting these incredible gentlemen. 

1. Inky Johnson

Motivational speaker and former college football player



Inky reminded us “Everything happens for a reason. People change so you can learn to let go, things can go wrong so you can learn to appreciate them. Good things fall apart, so better things can fall together.” These words are especially remarkable during this time where everything seems to be going in a new unknown direction. During adversity is when we are truly shown who we are and what we can overcome. Be kind to your mind and look at all the adversities you are overcoming in these challenging times.


2. Jon Gordon

Author and speaker on the topics of leadership, culture, sales, and teamwork



While we concentrate on surviving this quarantine, we can’t help but wonder about the future and how it may look like. We are given peace of mind with Jon Gordon’s words. “Win today, with the right message and the right focus. If we win today, if we win each day overtime you will create an amazing future.” Tim Davis asked him about the “new normal” we are all asking ourselves about. He gives us an amazing truth that we sometimes forget, “normal is always changing”. This is a time to solidify that vision you have for yourself and adapt, the goals are different but stay true to your vision and control what you can, so you make this “new normal”, yours.


3. Brendan McDonough 

Lone survivor of Yarnell Hill fire tragedy of 2013



Brendan McDonough reiterated the importance of keeping a positive frame of mind through these times. Not only this, but the importance of family and friends when we have those times that we cannot take ourselves out of the negativity. Everybody needs help. Always remember to rely on your family and friends because we are all in this together. We can all be the heroes in somebody else’s life, just like your hero can be your fellow coworker, wife, friends, mentor or even your child. 


4. Donnie Jones

American college basketball coach and former college basketball player



"It doesn't matter what you know if the guy beside you doesn't know it". Having coached several teams, Donnie Jones has gained insight into what it takes to become a successful team. Donnie taught us that it is essential that we rely on one another during times of adversity. As neighbors, coworkers, or members of a community, we must remember to equip each other so that as individuals, we can succeed, therefor leading to the success of the team. 

We hope you take some time today to watch these videos. Our team has benefited so much from these speakers and their words. Be sure to share with family and friends, as we can all use a little moment of positivity today.

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