Do Less, Get More Done at Work

Want to get more done at work by doing less? The best place to start is by getting rid of some of these unproductive habits and changing your routine to maximize productivity. Check out some of Kaity Ostrowsky’s tips and tricks to get more out of your day and increase your efficiency in the workplace! Don’t forget to check out her segment on this weekend’s FOX 35 Good Day Orlando!

  • Stressing about things that are out of your control: If there’s nothing you can do, then stressing and worrying is wasted energy!
  • Putting things off: Most tasks are put off because you don’t want to do them. Instead of putting them off, just do it and get it over with!
  • Spending time on things that aren't a priority: Put first things first! Working on pointless projects that don’t move the needle aren't ever a good idea.
  • Spending time with people who bring you no value: Surround yourself with like-minded people and those that want success. They will be more understanding of why you’re so productive and why being productive is important to you, and can contribute tips and tricks!
  • Working so hard: Those that actually take a break once in a while tend to be the most productive because they are rested, creative and ready to go.

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