Employee Spotlight: Kishwar Alishan

Employee Spotlight: Kishwar Alishan

We are proud to recognize Kishwar Alishan as our January Employee of the Month! 

Image-2Originally from Pakistan, Kishwar studied Business Administration at Karachi University and has dived deep into the world of IT ever since! With his experience, he has been able to gain extensive knowledge in IT, which has traveled well with him. Kishwar first joined the Kavaliro team as a valued resource on the PSD DC and MSD team, and shortly after joined our internal team as he has proven just what an asset he is to PSD and Kavaliro.

“His commitment to his team and our client has been outstanding since day one! I can say that Kishwar has made a huge impact on the success of this division”, says Holly Novak.

Kishwar’s colleagues would describe him as, “A leader who is not only knows how to communicate effectively but is also respectful in everything he says and does!”

Kishwar, congratulations on being our spotlight for this month, Kishwar! It is an honor to have you apart of our team and we are so excited to see what 2023 has in store for you!