Kavaliro Rocks 2017 Annual Conference

Kavaliro Rocks 2017 Annual Conference

The Kavaliro Team hosted their annual conference on Jan. 26-28, 2017 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, Fla. Kavaliro’s conference focused on doing “One More” to becoming just a little better.


Eric K.jpgThe keynote speaker this year was Eric Kapitulik the founder and president of The Program. The Program’s focus is to develop better leaders and create more cohesive teams. Kapitulik shared with our team the idea of “One More.”  By doing one more, it makes someone just a little bit better. Making one more phone call, doing one more rep at the gym.  Which directly reflected on the theme of the conference “Kavaliro Rocks,” much like a band each person plays both an individual and group position in our team.

CareerBuilder, Bullhorn, FYRE and Monster were fantastic presenting our team with updates on their software and how each is innovating the field of staffing. The Kavaliro Team also had the opportunity to ask each of these companies about the products they produce and how we utilize them. This kind of Q&A session is beneficial for the Kavaliro team.

Kavaliro also presented our annual awards. This year Kavaliro has a new award category, the Excellence in Assurance, which Sammye Hynes and Jai Davis were awarded. Both of these ladies went above and beyond to exceed our client’s expectations. Kavaliro also had two Fire Starter award winners this year, Kim Dvorscak and Tori Wilcox. The Fire Starter Award is given to our rookie of the year, someone who exceeds the first year expectations. Then, of course, we honored our Ring Of Fire Award winners: Josh Ridgeway, Rafael Restrepo, Suresh Raj, Sawlan Quant, Rebecca White, Noelle Williams, AJ Viale, and Murali Madhavan.

IMG_0043.jpg“Our annual conference is an important part of Kavaliro,” said Managing Partner Bill Peppler “it sets the tone for the remainder of the year, ensures that all of our offices collaborate and are on the same page.” 

Kavaliro hosted two panels during the conference. The Top performers Panel, showcased IMG_0060.jpgKavaliro’s top performers and the Industry Best Practices Panel featuring clients and vendor who work with staffing firms across the U.S. Both of these panels gave staff the opportunity to ask questions. Many of the themes were how to cut through the red tape of an MSP and VMS program. For more information on how MSP’s are changing the staffing industry check out our blog.

“One of my biggest takeaways from the Kavaliro Rocks conference was from our Top Performers Panel.” Says Resource Manager Kelly Babb “I respect my lead and learning from her, but having all the other senior managers on one panel was cool, you don’t always get that kind of  access.”

Kavaliro 2017.jpgSo what are Kavaliro’s goals for 2017? We are going to do just “One More”  to be just a little bit better. A little bit better at being on time, a little bit better at interacting with our communities and, a little bit better at communicating, just to name a few. Why just a little bit better? Because by becoming just a little bit better each day, we will grow as a team. Every Kavaliro team member doing just “One More” is how our team will achieve success!