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Kavaliro releases its 2013 Employee Outlook and Salary Guide

In an effort to help employees understand the job market and its trends, Kavaliro released their 2013 Employee Outlook and Salary Guide featuring research findings on employee retention trends, hot careers and starting salaries for the fastest-growing industries of the upcoming year.

These are the top three trends that are showing up in different job markets:

1. Job seekers love their mobile devices

People looking for jobs are using their iPads and iPhones more than ever. Getting to the job first, through apps like the Kavaliro app allows applicants a better shot at having their resume seen by hiring managers.

2. Robotic and .NET skills are in high demand

During the hiring process, employers generally look for job seekers with good communication and technical skills. In the IT, engineering, healthcare and medical device repair industries, recruiters are hunting for candidates with robotics skills. Robotics engineer is our hot job in this edition of our handbook.

3. The hottest jobs command high salaries

According to the CareerBuilder Talent Compensation Report, a survey of 1,000 .NET developers and employers across the country revealed an average annual salary of $85,863, with top salaries reaching well into the six figures. Yet despite the lofty compensation on the table, employers continue to report difficulties in hiring and retaining top .NET Developer talent in the midst of unprecedented demand for these services. The explosion of web-based services and applications drives much of that demand.

These three trends just scratch the top of the job market for 2013. You can have access to the entire 2013 Employee Outlook and Salary Guide just by simply signing up for the Kavaliro newsletter.

To sign up for the newsletter, go to Kavaliro’s homepage and click the “Subscribe” icon on the right side. Simply put in your email address and we will send you Kavaliro’s 2013 Employee Outlook and Salary Guide as well as other news that will help you get ahead in your career.

Kavaliro Employment Agency, has offices in Tampa, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina and Orlando, Florida and can make sure you find the right people for this important role. We are ready and waiting to help you anytime and look forward to hearing from you.

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