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Kavaliro mentioned on the front page of Florida Today business section

"The next hot career is here.

Software developer.

Recent college graduates are earning up to $100,000 a year. And the profession shows signs of getting hotter, since graduates are in demand.

Businesses, industry and communications increasingly depend on the Internet, and companies are moving more and more of their operations online. That means they need software to make it all work.

Automobiles, watches, airplanes, and everything from digital thermometers to coffeemakers depend on software. For example, a cell phone, which we know can do much more than place a call, uses up to a million lines of software code for its different applications.

So, with the necessity for companies to have smartphone apps and tablet apps, as well as business software, the engineers and developers who design this stuff are essential. Colleges are ready to train them, but university officials say that high school students are not encouraged to enter the field....

The shorgage of software developers could slow the operation of some businesses.

“We’ve had customers say, ‘We have to increase our (software development) staff or we’re going to miss deadlines,’ ” Bill Peppler, managing partner of Orlando’s Kavaliro Staffing Services, which covers Central Florida, said.

Businesses likely will face a long period of competing for software development talent, and, in the worst scenario, the talent shortage could slow the U.S. economy.

“We could accelerate business development in the country if we had more people in computer science,” Gary Leavens, interim chair in the electrical engineering and computer science departments at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. “Businesses are able to get productive gains from software.”" Click here to read entire article.

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