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Kavaliro Keeps it’s Finger on the Pulse of Certain Boom in Renewable Energy Market

Example of Smart Grid Technology

Kavaliro researchers know that the market for renewable energy is poised to experience a tremendous investment from both the private sector and government sources in the next two years. Recent reports from the American Energy Innovation Council reveal a secured partnership between several successful venture capital groups as well as industry leaders such as General Electric and moguls like Microsoft chairman Bill Gates.

The time is now for Smart Grid technology as GE has taken the lead and secured funding for development incentive projects that will add an estimated $120 billion dollars over the next two decades. Business Green.com reports that the shared objective is to “stimulate innovation and development of technologies to make electrical grids cleaner and more efficient” and the financing is in place. With the launch of the Econmagination Challenge competition that invites any and all ideas that speed up the development of the smart grid to compete for funding and tech support, those waiting to transform the renewable energy industry will be given the tools needed to become reality.

The smart grid innovation competition closes for entries on September 30th, after which ideas will be judged both on-line through fan votes for smaller project grants and by the investment group for the development contracts with GE and other sponsoring organizations.

In the area of low carbon energy innovation, Bill Gates has called for government to be a “necessary partner”, calling for a over $20 billion shared commitment over the next 10 years in a recent meeting with President Obama. Gates is currently working on the development of a new form of nuclear reactor and has emerged as a high-profile advocate with a vested interest in energy research and development. Noting that “government investment unlocks a huge amount of private sector activity”, Gates and the AEIC urged Obama to allow government to “prime the pump” to allow the US to reduce its reliance on oil.

What does this mean for you? This guaranteed technology growth and secured expansion initiatives reveal huge opportunities in technology research and development and Kavaliro is an industry leader in creating staffing partnerships based on excellence. We are recognized and honored for our established relationships with the most sought after employers in the area of technology and source renewables. To speak to one of our technology experts today, contact us!

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