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Kavaliro featured on CNN

Retail employees fight 'Black Friday creep'

Kavaliro’s Managing Partner Bill Peppler was featured on CNN.com discussing employees having to work on Black Friday. The rising issue concerning Black Friday is its intrusion into the Thanksgiving holiday, as many retail employees now have to work on the holiday evening for early store openings. Being an employment expert, Peppler gave expert commentary on the subject of employees having to work throughout the holiday.

Many retail employees are starting to resist having to work on this holiday. This issue is sparking debate among employers and staff. Is it right to make employees work on a national holiday just to make sure consumers are getting early access to Black Friday deals? Or should stores stay closed until early on Friday morning to give staff time to be with their families and friends?

Below is an excerpt from the CNN.com feature:

Just as consumers are driving the demand, employees are choosing to work in the field, leaving companies with little choice but to take advantage of every opportunity in the marketplace, said Bill Peppler with staffing firm Kavaliro.

In today’s economy where jobs are scarce and unemployment is high, people are willing to do more now than they were willing to do two to three years ago. This is especially true in retail. Black Friday alone last year led to almost $12 billion in sales, so you can understand the employers stance on this issue, he said.

You can read the entire article from the CNN website by clicking here.

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