Kavaliro Celebrates the New Petaluma Office and Creation of 100 New Jobs!

This week, Kavaliro celebrated the opening of the new office and creation of 100 new jobs with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Petaluma! Kavaliro has created 100 new, high-paying jobs in the Bay Area since Kavaliro’s acquisition of Hynes & Company in May. According to the recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics job report, 223,000 new jobs were added to the economy, and Kavaliro is contributing to this national growth with the addition of more than 100 new jobs in the Bay Area.

“In the past year, Kavaliro has seen over 100-percent growth company wide, and has maximized capabilities for high-profile clients by tapping into the Bay Area’s market of highly skilled tech candidates,” said John Mahony, COO of Kavaliro. “With the opening of this office, Kavaliro has already seen additional growth which is stimulating the job market nationwide.”

With a clientele portfolio of 35 Fortune 500 companies, Kavaliro is able to source high-paying, coveted positions in the tech, IT, engineering and financial industries. Kavaliro’s presence in the Bay Area market has caused there to be multiple doors opened to attract and retain the best talent for cities.

“We are very pleased with the progress we have made in such a short time and expect to continue on the path of growth and success in this new market,” said Mark Moore, president of Kavaliro. “The Hynes & Company acquisition has been a seamless transition and we are very happy with the fast-paced momentum we have gathered during the first couple of months. We have transitioned to a larger office space to accommodate our growing staff and couldn’t have picked a better location to source highly-skilled candidates.”

Kavaliro Employment Agency has offices in Tampa, Fla., Charlotte, N.C., Orlando, Fla., Washington, D.C., Jacksonville, Fla. and Petaluma, Ca. and can make sure you find the right people for any important role. We are ready and waiting to help you anytime and look forward to hearing from you. San Francisco tech staffing agency.