Kavaliro Career Corner: How to Get a Pay Raise You Deserve

Kavaliro Career Corner: How to Get a Pay Raise You Deserve


Career Corner Art 3.0.jpgBy Louis Douglas
Louis Douglas Head Shot.pngDiscovering what you are worth can be a challenge. Even more of a challenge is getting the raise you deserve. As someone who has been working in staffing for several years, I have seen my share of under-compensated employees and have had the privilege of helping them get the pay the deserve. I wanted to share my top tips and advice on how to get a pay raise.  I have given this advice to many people in the past to help them successfully receive the compensation they deserve, 

Before you ask: 

There are a few steps you need to take before approaching your company for a raise. If you have not taken these steps, you are significantly hurting your chances of landing the pay increase you deserve.

  • Make sure to understand what the market value is for someone in your same position is.
  • What does that salary range look like and where does your experience level reflect on this scale.
  • Having supporting documents and or achievements to strengthen your demands.
  • Talk to different individuals in other departments to gain support for your request. 

Once you have done your research, it is time to start laying the groundwork for your next steps. There are four key things to do, talk to HR, Talk to your Supervisor, Rehearse, and follow up. Here are some tips for each of the key things you need to do to make sure you land that raise. 

Talk to HR:
  • Talking to HR is a great step to make to ensure the appropriate parameters for a raise.
  • If your organization is small, the department might not be able to disclose any pay ranges, as the pay range information could be directly tied to certain employee's incomes.
  • In a larger organization, the salary range should be available through the HR department. 

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Talk to your immediate supervisor:
  • This is an excellent resource to consider your immediate supervisor with your plans of asking for a raise.
  • Ask your supervisor for advice on how to approach the topic of a pay raise with the boss, and whether you can count on the supervisor to support you in your request. If you need help gaining trust with your boss to land that raise you may want to check out this blog!
  • Some cases your immediate supervisor has budgetary authority to grant your request, and therefore, is the person you would meet with regarding your pay.
  • Before walking into your supervisor’s office, take a quick stop into the nearest restroom. Look in the mirror, give yourself a quick pep talk.
  • Role play your intro and talk through any possible rebuttals
  • A good trick is to –put on your game face-lift your arms into the air in a victory pose and say, " I earned this raise, and I am worthy of a higher income!"
  • Surprisingly, this action tends to increase your self-esteem and sense of success. Confidence is key when you walk into that important meeting to discuss your pay.
Follow Up: 
  • The follow-up is the most important part of completing this request. In most cases, an answer is not an immediate one.
  • When requesting a raise set a follow-up date with your boss to find out the outcome.
  • Be sure that within that window of time your actions reflect the raise you requested!


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