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John Mahony talks with the OBJ about “Going Green”

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What would convince you to buy "green" interior design products for your office?
Published in Orlando Business Journal, October 21, 2010
By Monique Valdes

Sandra Saft, president, Window Interiors Inc.:
“We know green products are good for all of us and are the latest in the industry. We invest in them because they make commercial buildings operate cleaner and longer. Going green is a worthwhile investment as a buyer and consumer. We choose to do green when possible [in our office].”

Beth Steele, president, Team Staffing Services:
“We are convinced to buy green based on how easy it is and how it impacts our lifestyle, trees and the water we drink. We are committed to protecting the environment. Green is now and the future.”

Kimberly Lawton Koon, president/CEO, Lawton Printers Inc.:
“If the price is within 10-20 percent of the alternative, we definitely would choose green. Lawton Printers is green-certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and we prefer to support those other companies who have also invested in the environment.”

Arthur LaBellman, owner, La Belle Fur Co. Inc.:
“I would make my office completely green if I could 100 percent verify the legitimacy of green office products. If going green provides jobs for Americans and is good not only for the environment, but for the economy as well, then I think we all should do it.”

Jeff Yarmuth, president/COO, Sonny’s Franchise Co.:
“We have reviewed various options with green interior design products ranging from flooring to various decórs. Our main focus is to ensure each product we purchase is representative of the Sonny’s brand, aligns with the décor and remains durable over time.”

Leila Nodarse, CEO, Nodarse & Associates Inc.:
“If I was outfitting an office from scratch, I would look to green pieces, which I would think would include antiques and older pieces of furniture. My office currently consists of things from home that were more appropriate in my office, like an antique desk I found at a local shop and a credenza that has been in this space for 30 years. So, I have tried to make do with what I had and what I love that also works for me.”

John Mahony, COO, Kavaliro Staffing Services:
“If more green products were comparably priced to regular items, it would be an easier choice financially at work and at home. Also, if green interior design products were more readily available, we would invest more in them. When you’re busy starting and working on your own business and low on time, sometimes convenience and speed can become a higher priority.”

Adam Jones, vice president, Massey Services Inc.:
“I’d give strong consideration to eco-friendly interior design products that meet all the other standards I use for purchasing anything. I want furnishings and accessories to have complete functionality, to fit with the rest of the office environment and to provide a strong, competitive value.”

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