Employee Spotlight: Jesse Smith

Employee Spotlight: Jesse Smith

We are thrilled to recognize Jesse Smith as our March Employee of the Month!

FullSizeRender-1We are happy to shine the spotlight on Jesse, our exceptional Solution Architect specializing in Salesforce Revenue Cloud, as the Employee of the Month! Jesse's dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence have truly set him apart as an invaluable member of our team.

When asked about his favorite part of the job, Jesse shared, "Everyone I work with." Jesse's appreciation for his colleagues exemplifies the collaborative and supportive environment that we strive to foster at Kavaliro. His positive attitude and team spirit have undoubtedly contributed to the vibrant workplace culture we cherish.

"It’s been an absolute pleasure knowing Jesse and a real privilege being able to learn from him. Sometimes I get nervous asking Jesse a question because I’m sure he is going to eventually ask me the right question to be able to solve the problem. However the manner in which he approaches the explanation and thought he places behind every word is clear and concise, always helpful. Watching him operate has been an excellent experience, very grateful." - Ricardo Suescum, Senior Salesforce Consultant Team Lead

Having been a pivotal part of our team for 1.5 years, Jesse has made significant contributions in the role of Solution Architect – Salesforce Revenue Cloud. His dedication to mastering his craft and driving impactful solutions for our clients has been nothing short of remarkable.

"I applaud Jesse's work ethic at Kavaliro. He has been on an enterprise account for almost 2 years now that includes traveling once a month (sometimes more) but he's always up for the challenge. Outside of Jesse's work ethic, he is always ready to provide support and and answer questions. Every time I have had a question, Jesse always explains it in terms that I understand and it's extremely helpful. I am extremely grateful Jesse works here in the Salesforce Division and that I've had the pleasure of working with him." -Erica Baker, Salesforce Project Manager Operations Lead

IMG_1081Originally from Fort Worth, TX, Jesse embarked on his academic journey with a passion for music, but later transitioned to a business focus. This diverse background reflects Jesse's adaptability and multifaceted approach to problem-solving—a quality that undeniably enriches his contributions to our team.

"Jesse embodies the qualities we admire in a team member: reliability, creativity in solutioning, and a strong work ethic. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that tasks are completed with excellence and efficiency. Whether it's tackling challenging projects, assisting colleagues, or offering innovative solutions, he does so with a positive attitude and a willingness to help wherever needed." - Courtney Church-Fasula, Salesforce Consultant 

Outside the office, Jesse enjoys a variety of hobbies including board games, fishing, and jet skiing. These interests showcase his dynamic personality and his ability to seek joy and fulfillment beyond the confines of the professional sphere.

A proud Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, Jesse's commitment to excellence and leadership extends far beyond his professional endeavors, highlighting his outstanding character and determination to make a positive impact in every aspect of his life.

Jesse's journey into the realm of Salesforce was sparked by a pivotal opportunity to immerse himself in the platform during a digital transformation at a previous company. His proactive approach and relentless pursuit of knowledge led him to carve out a niche for himself as a proficient and sought-after expert in the realm of Salesforce Revenue Cloud.

"I've worked with Jesse for almost 10 years now and there is no one that exhibits such a natural level of accountability and work ethic. He's always been one to step up and do the right thing and drive others around him as well. Jesse is first to step up and support others in their learning journey or dive into a problem that someone is having to try and help them work through their issue. By far his best skill is his fully transparent, straightforward, honest attitude with clients which comes from a true nature of empathy. It's been a pleasure working with Jesse all these years and through multiple companies and I hope it continues for at least another decade in the future." -Bryce Baker, Vice President of Salesforce Division

Join us in congratulating Jesse for his outstanding contributions and unwavering commitment to excellence. We are privileged to have Jesse as a cornerstone of our team, and we anticipate witnessing his continued growth and impact within our Kavaliro team.