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Indeed Interactive Conference

This year the Indeed Interactive conference was held in the heart of Austin, Texas from May 13-15th. Kavaliro participated by sending their internal recruiter, Kelly Babb, and the Director of Recruiting from the Jacksonville branch, Jessica Hixson. Both Kelly and Jessica were thrilled to experience the networking and learning of a major industry event! Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of night life in the Live Music Capital of the World?

IMG_3340 copyIndeed Interactive is hosted by Indeed, an international, online search engine for job seekers and companies alike. Indeed is one of Kavaliro’s valuable tools for connecting with candidates. Beyond that, much like its Silicon Valley counterparts at Facebook and Google, Indeed is a global subject matter expert on understanding the data behind employment and recruiting in our increasingly virtual world. They shared this knowledge with those attending the conference to help better processes for employers and job seekers.

The conference consisted of two days’ worth of speaker sessions and panel discussions with industry and business experts. Throughout the duration of the event, Indeed also held an interactive showroom featuring all the products they have available in their arsenal. Just to make sure everybody kept it fun, they even had prizes and you earned your conference shirt by earning a code and using it on a vending machine!

Perhaps the most fun of all was the featured speaker, Amy Poehler, acclaimed comedic actress, director, and writer. She closed down the event talking about the importance of working well with others and how to grow a strong team. Of course, she threw in a few fantastic jokes that had the entire room rolling.


Kelly and Jessica each attended a diverse collection of speakers and discussions, but a few themes continued to prevail.

  1. Thoughtful and well executed onboarding processes are vital for employee engagement and retention. Set the tone for success immediately! Go over the basics but also give new hires a chance to engage right away.
  2. Internal Mobility is an important hiring style when looking to fill new leadership roles. Employees with proven performance within your company are already well suited to be considered, even if they still have more to learn.
  3. It is everyone’s job to make employees feel like they are part of a team, not just HR or the “party committee.”
  4. Consider calling it value, rather than culture. It’s not about what a company can give to an individual, it is the value the individual can and wants to bring to a company that makes us whole. We foster that value as a company with each individual and together we grow the right way.
  5. With all the technology around us, we are moving to the Era of the Empath. All of the technology that helps us move faster- cell phones, the internet, cloud computing- will start utilizing the data collected to implement major shifts in how we work. Being open to that change will be important in how we adapt.

As with all industry events, Indeed Interactive was a whirlwind but extremely fulfilling. Kavaliro believes in supporting their internal teams to grow and is happy to send team members when possible. If you ever have the chance to attend Indeed Interactive, you’ll certainly see us there again!

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