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How to Compete for Talent in a Tightening Labor Market

With an extremely high demand for top talent in the U.S. labor market, companies are now competing for highly skilled employees. Kavaliro’s AJ Viale was recently included in a ZipRecruiter.com article and shares insight on how businesses compete for talent and fill positions with highly coveted labor.

AJ Viale tells ZipRecruiter.com that remaining competitive is essentially simple economics – supply versus demand. With unemployment claims falling, the pool of available talent is also shrinking. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find people for their available jobs. This can create operational challenges for employers who are looking to expand and grow.

Viale has noticed that when he is reaching out to job seekers, they already are entertaining multiple opportunities and employers have to compete for the talent in whatever ways they can. While big businesses can offer great compensation packages, small businesses might not be able to do that.

Instead, smaller companies are offering flexible work schedules and remote work options for their potential employees. Additionally, employers are making an effort to stay relevant in the communities they serve by way of volunteer work, charities and social/community responsibility. Viale notes that it is important to differentiate your business from another, which can make a big impact in a job seekers decision.

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