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High Paying Jobs That Only Require a Two-Year Degree - IT Consulting

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a four-year degree to have a rewarding and high-paying career. Many two-year degrees have a high return on investment and may be a better option for some than the traditional four-year track. If you want to maximize your opportunities and get the most for your time and money, check out Kelly Babb’s FOX 35 Good Day Orlando segment. You can make up to six figures in several healthcare and tech fields with just an associate’s degree! Check out some top career recommendations below.


Healthcare is a constant need in our society. While doctors spend a decade in school and residency, there are many other ways to be involved with just a two-year degree.

Registered Nurse

  • With an associate’s degree in nursing, one can make a median salary of $65,000 a year. A registered nurse works alongside doctors in clinics and hospitals across the country. They perform a number of crucial tasks, such as facilitating patient care and meeting patients’ needs. Often times, patients receive more care from a registered nurse than they do from a doctor. As a registered nurse, one can work anywhere as there is always a need within the medical profession.

Dental Hygienist

  • A dental hygienist receives a median salary of $72,000 a year. Without spending years in school to become a dentist, one can perform dental work with a two-year degree. A dental hygienist performs procedures such as teeth cleanings, examinations, X-rays and other preventive dental care. One can also work alongside a dentist in complicated procedures.

Radiation Therapist

  • A radiation therapist can make a median salary of $77,000 a year. One of the most prevalent and cutting-edge treatments these days is using radiation to treat and cure various forms of cancer. For a position so high-tech, it only requires a two-year degree. As a radiation therapist, one will be recording the patient’s reactions to the treatment and document whether or not if there is further assistance needed.

MRI Technician

  • An MRI technician is also on the list with a median salary of $65,000 a year. This job requires the use of cutting-edge technology to create high-definition, three-dimensional pictures of organs and tissues inside the body. This is considered the most advanced and powerful way to study the brain. These workers also work closely with patients by being a calm and caring technician.

Funeral Service Director

  • While it may not be the most exciting job, a funeral service director averages a salary of $66,000 a year. There will always be a need for this type of profession. One’s job would be to plan, direct and coordinate all the various services and duties offered by a funeral home. To be considered for a funeral service direction, one will need an associate’s degree in funeral service education.


There is an extremely high demand for tech industry professionals in today’s economy. With the right skills and certifications, tech professionals can make a lot without completing a lengthy education process.

Air Traffic Controller

  • An air traffic controller averages a salary around $122,000 a year! This is a job that is extremely technical and it is important that one is doing the job right. One’s primary role is to manage every aspect of a plane’s flight with the safety of the plane and its passengers always being the most important aspect. Another role that an air traffic controller has is to make sure that all planes arrive and depart on time. While it is a high-stress job, the good news if that one will be paid graciously for their hard work.

Nuclear Technician

  • A nuclear technician makes a median salary of $73,000 a year. This job requires one to assist physicists, nuclear engineers and other professionals in both nuclear research and nuclear energy production. One who has this job can be found working at nuclear power plant or in research laboratory.

Electronic Drafter

  • An electronic drafter can make an average salary of $56,000 a year. This is essentially a circuit board designer. These circuit boards can be found in almost every piece of technology. Therefore, there are an abundance of employers who are looking for an electronic drafter. One’s job would be to prepare the wiring diagrams and circuit board assembly diagrams that will be used in the manufacturing and repairing of electric devices.

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