Employee Spotlight: Hanna Howell

Employee Spotlight: Hanna Howell

We are thrilled to recognize Hanna Howell as our January Employee of the Month!


Leadership and management can be a daunting task, but for Hanna Howell, it's the best part of her job. As a Regional Director of Recruiting at Kavaliro, Hanna manages a team of  recruiters and is known for her exceptional leadership skills. Recently, Hanna was awarded the Employee of the Month title, and in this blog post, we'll take a closer look at her journey, her accomplishments, and what makes her stand out as a leader.

When asked about her hobbies outside of work, Hanna mentioned that relaxing at home with her husband and dogs is her favorite thing to do, but she has recently started learning to golf and can never say no to shopping. Apart from this, Hanna has visited seven different countries, including Canada, Mexico, and Scotland; these experiences, and the opportunity to broaden her knowledge, align well with her current role as a Regional Director of Recruiting.

Hanna's success, however, goes beyond her hobbies and her speedy promotions. Hanna's leadership style is rooted in empathy and teamwork. She believes in leading by example and is always willing to lend her support when her team needs it. She understands that each member of her team has different needs and strengths, and she works tirelessly to help her team members develop their skills, improve their weaknesses, and groom them for leadership roles. "Hanna goes out of her way to support the Orlando team and is committed to make sure the team has all the tools for them to be successful. She’s always the first one in the office and leads by example." - Rafael Restrpo, Sr. Regional Director of Business Development 


"Hanna has been an incredible attribute to Kavaliro since she started. I can always rely on Hanna to deliver on whatever we need her to. She is dynamic, flexible, and determined to succeed.

 Hanna has been an instrumental leader for Kavaliro, she trains & develops her recruiters to achieve levels we have never seen. We continue to add responsibilities on her plate, and she has hit every goal we have set out for her. I’ve received recaps/reports late at night reflecting on the team and outlining ideas of how she can improve Kavaliro. Hanna comes in each day with a positive attitude. We are so lucky to have a superstar like Hanna on our team, and I can’t wait to see what else she can accomplish here at Kavaliro. Thank you for all you do, Hanna! We appreciate you!" - Noelle Williams, Director of Recruiting

"Hanna Howell is a valued member of our Kavaliro team. She continues to have amazing success in her career and is an asset to the overall company. We are thrilled to recognize her success and achievements. Her journey towards leadership here at Kavaliro is one that I am particularly proud of. We are very thankful that Hanna is on our side." - Bill Peppler, Chief Operations Officer

In conclusion, Hanna Howell is a shining example of what hard work, commitment, and a positive attitude can achieve in the workplace. Her dedication to supporting and developing her team, made her the perfect candidate for the Employee of the Month title. Hanna's journey at Kavaliro is an inspiration for both new and experienced leaders, and we can't wait to see what other achievements she will accomplish in the future. Hanna Howell is an embodiment of what it means to be a leader, and Kavaliro is proud to have her on their team.