Google Teams up with Code School to Offer Free Classes to Women and Minorities

Last week at the Annual I/O Developers Conference Google announced a new initiative, Women Techmakers Program, in partnership with Code School. As of now, women only account for a quarter of the roles in IT. This initiative aims to encourage more women to enter or further their experience in the field of IT.

The CEO of Code School, Gregg Pollack, has said that Google will be paying for three free months for women and minorities that are pursuing a career in technology.  Google began offering vouchers to the women in attendance of the conference and has since added an online application. However, Google will selectively be distributing these promo codes but has plans to give out thousands of these vouchers to women everywhere.

What sets it apart from Google’s other initiative, Made with Code, is the focus on continuing education.  There is a focus on giving women who are currently in technical careers the opportunity to further develop necessary skills to continuously succeed in this field.  However, they still want to promote the entrance of this field to women just starting their career.

Code School is a “Learn by Doing” online learning platform. Offering classes in programing and web design skills that range from beginner to advanced levels.  Students learn by a series of interactive video lessons, coding challenges, and screencasts.

As a company who regularly places candidates in IT positions, Kavaliro finds this to be an exciting effort. Kavaliro will continue to hire people from all different backgrounds to fill the positions for our clients, as well as for our own company. It seems that this will have an extremely positive effect on the world of IT. The more diverse the employees are in the field, the more advances the world will make in technology.

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