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How Do You Go About Asking for a Raise?

Asking for a raise can be intimidating, so it’s important to be prepared before you ask the big question. Take Noelle Cipollini’s great advice and check out her segment on FOX 35 Good Day Orlando for more great tips!

Be Prepared

Go into the meeting knowing what you want from your manager. Be prepared to answer the question “why do you deserve a raise?” Set seniority aside and really show your value to the company and why you are deserving of a raise. Come in with numbers and figures to prove to management that you are a stellar employee and how you’re going to continue to benefit the company. Know what you want, go in with confidence and prove that you deserve this.

Do Your Research

Research is crucial when you ask for your raise. Your boss probably doesn’t see every single thing that you bring to the table. Take some time, step back and really evaluate your performance. Do you think your performance and productivity merits a raise? Don’t focus on your tenure or how long you have been in your role, really hone in on your value to the company. This is the time to compile your accomplishments show your manager the quality of work you produce and how you are a valuable asset to the company.

Know How Much You Want

Asking for a raise is more than just a number. If there truly isn’t enough budget to provide you a raise, have alternative compensation options in mind and be prepared to compromise. Ask if your company can offer you additional paid time off, a bigger end of the year bonus, additional quarterly bonuses, stock options, flexible work hours/remote work options or profit sharing. All of these options are ways your company can recognize your value without a salary increase.  Try to figure out what you want and see how management can work with you. Remember that the best compromise is an solution to the problem at hand.

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