Four Reasons Why Job Seekers Need to Be on Social Media

In the relatively recent dawn of social media, employers have more access to information on job candidates than ever before-- and don't think they aren't taking advantage of it. Forbes reported that one in five technology industry executives didn't hire a potential candidate because of their social media profile.

It's time to give a more optimistic look into social media and what it can do for job seekers. Here are four reasons why you should have a Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter when beginning your career search.

1. Develop Your Personal Brand
It’s almost a guarantee an employer will Google you. When applying for a job, you’re essentially marketing yourself and advertising your personal brand. Social media profiles allow you to define how your brand is portrayed. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profiles are all easy branding initiatives. This seems like a no-brainer, however according to The Student Career Development Study, 93 percent of Millennials don't understand personal branding. Despite having more than 95 percent on Facebook, only 34 percent of Millennials have LinkedIn profiles. Regardless of profession, it’s important to have a presence on LinkedIn, as it serves as a professional connection to your social brand.

2. Show Your "Organizational Fit" with the Company
Social media for companies is all about their brand’s voice. If an employer can look at an applicant's blog or LinkedIn profile, they can identify if your voice matches with their’s. In a study issued by Youtern, recruiters hired 68 percent of candidates because a social networking site gave a "positive impression of their personality and organizational fit." Having a positive voice and attitude on all social media channels is just as important as the experience listed on a resume.

The culture of a company is just as important as the job itself. It’s critical to make sure your values align with company values so it makes for a perfect match. For example, if an employer doesn't see eye-to-eye with you in regards to business ethics then it might not be the best fit. A company’s social media page gives great insight into their culture and values. Connecting with businesses socially can help narrow down your list of jobs to apply to and help focus on the ones you could really flourish in professionally.

3. Establish Yourself as a Social Connector
Often companies consider your social influence as an advantage against other applicants. By establishing an online reputation you become valuable to a business. Brand ambassadors are crucial to businesses utilizing social channels as gateways for communication. It’s important for organizations to have ambassador type employees both internally and externally. Potential customers or clients will think about the relationships you've built through your social presence when they're deciding where to do business. Social media is all about making real connections between a brand and its audience. The only way to make these connections is through trust and friendship created through social networking.

4. Social Media Savant
Social Media is a skill. More companies are recognizing the necessity of social branding and jobs are being created to incorporate it into all aspects of business. Employers are searching for web-savvy candidates skilled in communication and analytics. Social media profiles give visible proof of your abilities. The numbers of jobs or internships listed on a resume aren't the only variables now looked at when applying for a job. Social media experience and skills give recent graduates and job seekers a leg-up over other candidates and provide a boost to a resume that has limited job experience.

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