Employee Spotlight: Holly Novak

Employee Spotlight: Holly Novak

We are proud to recognize Holly Novak as our Employee of the Month! 


Holly has been with the Kavaliro team for almost 4 years now. In July of 2019, she originally came on board as a Sourcing Specialist for our Petaluma branch and then worked her way up to Project Administrator. Through her hard work, agility, and reliability, she was later promoted to her current role as "Operations Coordinator" and made the transition to our growing Project Services Division on April 2021. 

"Holly is a calming presence for our Project Services division and a pleasure to work with.  There have been a number of times I have come to her about a potential issue or problem to solve and almost every time she is already on it and has a great solution that she has acted on.  Holly knows our business inside and out and can confidently make high level decisions that help direct our PSD division.  Most importantly, she is a very positive and upbeat person that lifts the spirits of those around her on a daily basis.", says Kavaliro Managing Partner, John Mahony. 

Holly, originally from Novato, California, enjoys fishing, cooking, assembling legos, dancing and playing dominos. Fun fact, she actually spent some time as a personal trainer prior to joining our team. Clearly, the discipline and work ethic was translated perfectly from personal training to working at Kavaliro. 

IMG_9682-1Ron Murray, Director of our Project Services Division says, "Everything is just so natural with Holly. Since she has joined us, everything has been so stable. Nothing piles with Holly and she truly keeps us on track. She can just look at me and sense what I'm thinking and I find that is so rare. Holly's ability to overcome the obstacles and the challenges with grace and humility is unteachable, and it amazes our team every single day."


I think we can all say that working alongside Holly has been an immense pleasure and we are so proud of all that she's accomplished at Kavaliro. Your hard work does not go unnoticed, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for your career, Holly! Congrats again on your accomplishments and keep fueling our flame!