Does Social Media Work in Staffing?

Social media is used on a consistent basis with both the job-seeker and the employer looking for the best candidates. Recently, Kavaliro was challenged with the question, “Does social media really make a difference in staffing?” There have been a multitude of claims that say social media is the best way to recruit the top candidates and others saying that this isn’t the case. However for Kavaliro, there has been an obvious ROI from the use of social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for finding the best employees to fill a position internally and externally. Kavaliro regularly posts #HotJobs to alert its followers of the newest available positions and utilizes social media to hire employees for internal needs and for client purposes. More than 25 percent of the hires that Kavaliro makes include job candidate searching on social media. These technology resources help recruiters and staffers do their jobs more efficiently, specifically in the search process to find relevant resumes and viable candidates.

Here are just a few facts from reputable sources that defend the fact that social media and hiring go hand in hand.

  • “The Society for Human Resource Management recently found that more than 75% of companies use social networking sites to recruit job candidates — and recruiters are often going beyond professionally oriented platforms like LinkedIn.” (Mashable)
  • “No longer does a job seeker have to apply to dozens of jobs and worry about not hearing back; we believe that fundamental model will change and smart organizations will work with their candidate pool to maximize recruiting efficiency.” (Forbes)
  • “Companies like Ernst & Young and Sodexo are building employer brands on social networks to position themselves as the best place to work and to interact with potential candidates.” (TIME)

Beyond social media being a helpful tool for recruiters, companies and job seekers, it’s a way to further solidify your company as a brand. When job seekers do their company research they are checking out social media and blogs to find out more before applying. In Kavaliro’s case, they have received resumes upon resumes strictly from someone seeing a tweet about a hot job. On a weekly basis, Kavaliro receives private Facebook and LinkedIn messages from candidates asking the best way to get their information to the right person at Kavaliro. Social media does a great job of helping recruiters discover talent and improve the timeframe with which they fill a position. You cannot put a price on time, and Kavaliro sees that proven consistently with social media recruiting and ROI. Recently, Kavaliro added Instagram to its social repertoire in order to engage potential employees with the company culture even further.

Overall, the integration of social media in staffing for Kavaliro has been positive. Aside from just creating jobs through social media, Kavaliro enjoys interacting with fans and local businesses in the community to show support and gratitude for helping make the company what it is today!

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