Consultant of the Month: Julie Evans

Consultant of the Month: Julie Evans

Today, we proudly recognize Julie Evans as our May Consultant of the Month! 🎉

Julie Evans

Here at Kavaliro, it's our pleasure to honor our outstanding consultants. This May, we are delighted to introduce you to our Consultant of the Month, Julie Evans, an extraordinary Environmental Specialist SME who thrives on challenging projects and loves working with her incredible teammates.

With roots planted in Indiana, Julie brings a unique flair to the team with her midwestern charm. As a lover of horseback riding, singing with White River Sound (a women's acapella chorus), and playing handbells, Julie's diverse interests extend well beyond her professional commitments.

A fun tidbit about Julie is her past love for climbing trees, a hobby that's quite surprising considering her fear of heights. One thing that's certain though, Julie isn't afraid to reach high and push boundaries.

What makes Julie particularly proud is the wealth of experiences she has gathered throughout her career. She carries these learnings with her in every project, adding a layer of depth and perspective that is truly admirable.

Julie's journey towards her current role was driven by her passion for the environment. Being able to work on renewable energy projects in an energy company offered her an avenue to express this passion and contribute to reducing carbon emissions, marking an ideal blend of her interests and professional path.

Currently, Julie is learning the art of pacing herself. She understands that rushing through tasks often leads to missed opportunities for a more effective approach. This self-awareness is an example of her ongoing commitment to personal development and continuous learning.

Julie's dedication, commitment to learning, and her fervor in making a positive difference truly embody the core values of our organization. We are incredibly proud to have Julie as part of our team and honor her impressive work.

Again, congratulations to Julie Evans on being named Kavaliro's Consultant of the Month for May!

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