Consultant of the Month: Adam Davis

Consultant of the Month: Adam Davis

Today, we proudly recognize Adam Davis as our November Consultant of the Month! 🎉

We are thrilled to introduce you to Adam, who is a technical writer! With his expertise in technology and love for writing, Adam has been a valuable member of our team. He shared with us his favorite parts of his job, his hobbies, and some interesting fun facts. 

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Adam is from Kendrick, Idaho, and is a technical writer by profession. His favorite part about his job is the discovery phase where he gets to meet Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and learn about their projects. According to Adam, it's like hosting a talk show, minus the band. His expansive knowledge and social skills have helped him excel in this area of his job.

When Adam is not busy with work, he loves to read, watch movies, and swim in the lake with his wife and their adorable dog, a Newfoundland. He has a few penpals from around the world that he loves to write to. If you have any book recommendations, don't hesitate to share them with Adam. 

Adam is proud of his family and friends, more than anything else. He has been greatly influenced by his mom, who was also a technical writer. Adam pursued this career because it seemed like a perfect fit for someone who's interested in technology and likes to write.

Currently, Adam is reading the journal entries of Lewis and Clark from their expedition in 1804 and 1805. According to Adam, this is an important thing to learn because of its historical significance. As he lives in the northwest, he gets to witness the history and culture firsthand.

Congratulations to Adam once again for being our November Consultant of the Month! We are grateful to have a brilliant individual represent Kavaliro! 

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