Consultant of the Month: David Japuntich

Consultant of the Month: David Japuntich

Today, we proudly recognize David Japuntich as our October Consultant of the Month! 🎉

This month, we would like to spotlight David, who is originally from Minnesota. David brings a unique, multi-talented set of skills to the table, which makes him an excellent performer and computer support professional.  . DavidJapuntichHeadshot

David is very proud to be raising a family while growing his career and when we asked David what led him to this field, he revealed that it all started when his parents wouldn’t allow him to get a Nintendo Entertainment System. This led him down a path of figuring out how to make computer games work flawlessly on their underpowered PC. This set the foundation for his knowledge and love of technology.

Aside from his computer support skills, David also enjoys video games and organizing social events around them. His fondness for gaming provides a perfect opportunity to host events that bring people together. David’s ability to connect with people also plays a crucial role in his job. He revealed that he enjoys making small talk while waiting for things to download, connect, or install. This is an ideal time to get to know people on a personal level and build a rapport.

Congratulations to David once again for being our October Consultant of the Month! We are grateful to have a brilliant individual on our team! 

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