Consultant of the Month: Dustin Newlon

Consultant of the Month: Dustin Newlon

Today, we proudly recognize Dustin Newlon as our January Consultant of the Month! 🎉

At Kavaliro, we enjoy taking the time to recognize our outstanding consultants. This January, we want to highlight Dustin Newlon and his work. As an IT professional with a passion for cyber security, Dustin has made remarkable strides in his field. Join us as we delve into his impressive work and get to know his interests outside of the office.

Dustin Newlon Headshot

Dustin is originally from Omaha, NE, then lived in Iowa before moving to Colorado Springs earlier this year. He's loving it so far and has been making the most of the beautiful Colorado outdoors. In his spare time, he enjoys exercising and playing with his four dogs. Yes, that's right, four dogs! They keep him on his toes, but he wouldn't have it any other way.

When we asked him about his favorite part of his job, he replied, "I'm constantly learning new things and I work with some amazing people." It's no wonder Dustin consistently produces excellent work when he is surrounded by great colleagues.

Dustin is a man who doesn't back away from a challenge. He's proved that by setting himself the goal of hiking up to the top of Pikes Peak this coming year. He made it halfway up this year, but that wasn't enough - he's determined to complete the hike next time around. Dustin, we're cheering you on!

One thing that shines through when speaking to Dustin is his pride in his family and his service in the military. He's not one to brag, but it's admirable to see how highly he regards these two aspects of his life.

Finally, we wanted to delve into the topic of what led Dustin to this career. He simply stated, "I was tired of not knowing anything about computers so I went to college to learn all I could." It's hard not to admire someone who takes matters into their own hands and makes a significant life change to pursue their dreams.

Currently, Dustin is focusing on learning more about cybersecurity in his role. He's even started taking some CrowdStrike classes to expand his knowledge. 

In conclusion, we're grateful for Dustin's hard work and dedication. His eagerness to learn, his tireless nature, and his pride in his work make him an exceptional consultant. We hope this has given you an insight into his character. Thank you Dustin, for all that you do.

Congratulations to Dustin again on being named Kavaliro's Consultant of the Month for January!

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