Consultant of the Month: Denise Slavich Hixson - Tech Staffing Agency, Kavaliro

Tech staffing agency, Kavaliro, would like to recognize Denise Slavich Hixson for January’s Consultant of the Month! Denise has worked directly with Kavaliro’s business vendor and project teams to reconstruct initial requirements, drive out details and help put projects back on track to competition. Denise is an extremely self-driven and motivated individual, with an admirable passion for what she does in the workforce.

“Denise always strives to go above expectations within her industry,” says Josh Ridgeway, director of MSP. “It has been a pleasure working with her and seeing her succeed in all aspects of her career.”

Since February 2014, Denise has assumed full test lead responsibilities in addition to requirements analyst duties.  She works on high visibility and complex projects, performs phase one and phase two facilitation with onsite focus groups for requirements development/validation. She has also expressed interest expanding into training development as well.

Thank you for all that you do at Kavaliro, Denise! We are lucky to have you a part of the team.

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