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Congratulations, you hired someone for the job! Now what?

You’ve got a new guy again, someone you have to train and integrate into your office environment. You remember what it was like to be new, having that awkward feeling lurking in your stomach that everyone is watching and judging you. So here’s how to make them comfortable in their new position and in the office.

Start by informing all your employees of the new team member. In doing so, you will encourage staff to be helpful and welcoming, giving your new hire a better chance of feeling at ease. Call a meeting so current employees can introduce themselves and their job titles, concluding with what they’re working on so the new guy knows who to go to for what. Regardless of how you go about it, introductions are crucial.

Don’t send the new guy to a workstation you haven’t prepared yet. Company emails, phone lines, etc. should all be set up and ready. Have everything equipped for their arrival. There is no worse impression than showing them that your business is disheveled, or that you are dragging your feet about hiring them. In addition, if they need a uniform for the job, make sure it is prepared.. It’sdifficult to drop the “new guy” persona if they stand out like a sore thumb.

Lunch can turn awkward when all the employees walk out together and leave your new hire by themselves, or if no one leaves for lunch at all and your new worker didn’t bring food. Ease the discomfort by taking them to lunch or inviting them along with your crew.

Everyone is uncomfortable on their first day, so be sure to offer up advice and encouraging words! It will put their tensions at ease and help them accommodate faster. If your office uses instant messaging, give a list of coworker screennames to your new employee. It will give them an instant way to communicate without having to walk into your office every time they have a question. However you work out communication, convey that you are there to help and that questions aren’t a bother at all. Too many questions are always better than not enough; providing answers gives them more confidence and helps prevent mistakes.

All in all, do your best to put yourself in their shoes. Don’t forget to smile, and give them hints about the office so they don’t unknowingly humiliate themselves. If the sink in the bathroom sprays you with water when you go to wash your hands, give a heads up- sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference. Keep checking in with them so they don’t feel overwhelmed, and most importantly, don’t let them get lost in the office! A two minute tour of their cubicle won’t suffice when they get up to go to the bathroom or the copy machine. Take the time to give a complete office tour, they will greatly appreciate it, I promise.

Congratulations on your new hire, and good luck!


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